The Love Yourself Project

We exist to inspire people to build a strong relationship to the self, mindfully creating a future with
loving regard for all living beings and the environment; ultimately, manifesting a humanity that declares itself
unwavering in its commitment to peace, loving-kindness, and compassion.

Love Yourself Blog

9 April, 2014

May 03 Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday


Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday is May 3rd. It starts at 5m.

0-FSAT-banner  If you are interested in volunteering that evening from 7-10pm please contact Michael! We will present our current global project; 10,000 Hearts  which caters to people of all ages, it is community inspired and  ideal for all ages and  families who wish to take part in a fun hands on art making project.  We promote projects that emphasize empowerment, healing, self awareness and self esteem.

We plan to have over people stopping by our booth. Check out what else is happening that night.

Don’t forget to love yourself!