22 April, 2014
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On Being Kristin Pedemonti…her journey , her hugs

Being brave is sometimes difficult. Being brave is being vulnerable. Being brave is being open and no longer hiding.

Being silent no longer feels like an option. Not speaking out feels like a disservice to so many others who may be in the same space and need to be heard and accepted and understood for All they are.

Through journeys with Story I have been blessed that so many have trusted me and shared their truth with me; their challenges and struggles, their resilience and triumphs. If others have trusted me to share their challenges, who I am NOT to share mine?

In the hopes that it may help someone else, here’s another side to my story:


4 February, 2014
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Sharing My Story

Sharing My Story

My journey inward began with the question from a friend; Do you love yourself Michael? I hesitated in my answer and began to think about it. Do I love myself? I immediately felt my vulnerability. It scared me to think that someone had discovered  how I really felt inside. I didn’t think I could ever love myself. I knew what I didn’t love about myself and could recite any number of negative things. But I didn’t have an answer. And so  I looked to literature and self help books, various forms of mediation practice, mantras and through my creative process as an artist, to explore the answer.

I then developed a  personal symbol in the form of a “Love Yourself sticker” that helped redirect my thinking. I placed the stickers everywhere, making the message highly visible to me in my everyday routine.

The sticker symbol was the beginning of my path to self love. It evolved into a much larger entity when I began to pass along the stickers to others. I knew I would not be able to love myself without the help of others. And so began the Love Yourself Project.

Since then, the Love Yourself Project has fostered connections with the public through creativity, sharing and communication as a way to  uplift and inspire.  It is my hope through my own personal journey that others will also find their own path to self love.

Michael Mut