The Love Yourself Project
Healing Our World With Art & Self-love

10,000 Hearts Campaign

Make a Heart & Send it to Us! Make your own origami heart telling us what you love about yourself and send it to us at:

132 Montague Street, Apt 4, Brooklyn, NY 11201. We'll include your heart in our 10,000 hearts campaign.

The Love Yourself Project uses a simple yet beautiful medium, the origami heart, to invite people to participate in this thought provoking experience. We ask a simple question: “What do you love about yourself?” We encourage people to inwardly explore and discover what they love about themselves. Through this awareness, the LYP seeks to plant a small seed and spread the consciousness of self-love. Many of us have never been asked this question and in our introspection, we find ourselves examining both self and love.

Artists from the Love Yourself Project host free origami heart making workshops which are open to participants of all ages throughout the five boroughs of New York City, and we encourage people around the globe to mirror our workshops. Since 2010 LYP has been collecting these mixed media, hand-made hearts, containing the personal inscription of self-love.

In 2015, LYP collected 5,000 origami hearts and exhibited them at a Love Yourself Event at Bam Fisher. This important half-way mark coincided with The Love Yourself Projects' 5 year anniversary.

In 2020, LYP's 10 year anniversary will commemorate our 10,000 Hearts Campaign.

During both the 5-year and 10-year anniversary celebrations, the messages from the hearts will be released via Twitter, with one message posting every day @LoveyourselfNYC.

10,000 hearts event Trader Joe's Brooklyn 2014

Trader Joe's, Brooklyn

10,000 hearts event Figment, Governor's Island 2013

Figment at Governor's Island

Earth School, Manhattan

Earth School, Manhattan

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Academy of Young Writers

Academy of Young Writers

Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble